Biologic Dentistry

Biologic Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

Biologic, Natural, Holistic

Biologic dentistry encompasses the care for the entire body.  Scientific research has proven that systemic diseases and oral health are interconnected of which symptoms may be appear in the oral cavity.  We examine every patient’s head and neck in addition to the mouth to ensure health and wellness.

Many alternative and biocompatible treatments are provided for our patients who prefer a more biologic approach here at Dental Therapy in Phoenix.  Treatments such as mercury-free, amalgam-free, BPA-free restorations provide long lasting solutions while ensure patients get exactly what they want.

We have multiple modalities available for our holistic focused patients.  Metal-free treatemnts like ceramic veneers, ceramic implants, sleep apnea, periodontal (gum) therapy, PRF and ozone therapy offer an alternative to traditional dentistry.

Here at Dental Therapy, we believe in providing all the dental information available to our patients so that they may be well prepared to make informed decisions regarding their overall well being.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy has many benefits in the dental field.  Ozone is a natural occurring 3 atoms of Oxygen (O3) which makes a non-toxic irrigant. According to IAOMT, the ozone forms a “transient oxidative burst” (TOB) when it interacts with living systems such as microorganisms (bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites). Since they lack any natural defenses against the TOB, they become overstressed and die. The oxygen/ozone combination disinfects the areas during treatment and help supports surrounding tissue.

Additionally, the oxidative burst induces both biochemical and physiologic reactions resulting in better blood flow, enhanced immune responses, accelerated healing process and reduced inflammation.

Ozone therapy is also very effective in treating periodontal disease by reducing the bacterial biofilms. Oxygen/Ozone is applied via ozonated water, oils, or applying gas directly to the infected pockets. On contact, the biofilms are penetrated and oxidized during treatment for a better chance at recovery and pocket reduction.

Similarly, tooth decay causing bacteria can be arrested by direct exposure to oxygen/ozone therapy. Soft (decayed) tooth structure may have to be removed first before applying ozone therapy followed by a new restoration (filling or crown).

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Digital X-rays

Dental xrays are necessary at initial visit to enable us to properly examine the tooth structure and surrounding bone and inner root canals. They are benefiticial in detecting abscesses or abnormal bone lesions, bone loss, malignant or benign tumors, and tooth crowding of unerupted teeth.

Dr Whiting has invested into digital xrays to minimize radiation exposure to our patients. The digital sensors are highly sensitive and require less radiation than the raditional films.  Our protocol has been also modified to to reduce exposure as well as the frequency of the xrays.

Restorations – Fillings

We offer metal-free, mercury-free resin composites to fix cavities, fill teeth, replace mercury fillings, match a shade to the tooth, Metal-free, mercury-free fluoride-free fillings can be used to build the tooth back to their original shape and size. Resin composites are used to replace mercury amalgam fillings which are removed in a safe manner to ensure safety of the patient and staff.

Ceramic Crowns and Ceramic Veneers

A crown is used when the strength of the tooth has been compromised with high risk at breaking. Traditional crowns include metal which cause irritation and inflammation at the gingival (gum) level as a result of acid erosion in the mouth.  At Dental Therapy, we only deliver metal-free ceramic Crowns and veneers are made entirely of white porcelain that cover the entire tooth to restore it back to full shape and size.  We have the confidence that our ceramic crowns have incredible strength and can withstand chewing and grinding we’re confident to offer a limited warranty* at no additional cost to our  patients.

Periodontal (gum) disease and Periodontal Therapy

According to American Dental Association, estimated 42% of adults 30 years and older have some form of periodontal disease (mild, moderate or severe). The bone and gum attachments to the tooth during periodontal disease are lost as a result of reacting to the bacterial biofilm (plaque build up around the teeth). Periodontal disease is a chronic infection of the gum that results in “destruction” of the gum, bone and periodontal ligaments, all supportive structures of the teeth, eventually ending in tooth loss if not treated. The immune system triggers an inflammatory response and results in deep pockets around the teeth, bleeding when flossing or probing, gingival recession, eventual increased mobility of teeth.

There’s a strong link between periodontitis and systemic diseases, according to ADA and CDC. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, pregnancy complications, and joint replacements are few examples of systemic complications associated with periodontal disease.

Some Risk factors include:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Smoking
  • Crooked teeth
  • Diabetes
  • Genetic disposition
  • Underlying Immunodeficiencies
  • Medications
  • Pregnancy

Scaling and root planing (also known as deep cleaning) is proper treatment for mild to moderate periodontitis, which involves removal of supragingival and subgingival calculus. At Dental Therapy, we combine SRP with ozone therapy to improve the chances for successful healing. Laser Therapy (coming soon to Dental therapy) will also be combined to decontaminate the tissue and accelerate the healing process. Perio maintenance is then recommended every 3 months, according to ADA, and same modalities will be applied to ensure continuous healing.

Platelet Rich Fibrin – PRF Therapy

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is a biologic membrane extracted from a patient’s own blood. It is placed in the socket during tooth removal surgery to support bone and gum regeneration during healing time and to accelerate the healing process. Blood is drawn from the patient’s arm. It is then centrifuged and separated to get the PRF layer which includes healing bodies, immune cells, growth factors and clotting factors.  It is a great biologic (holistic) and natural way to heal a socket optimally and quickly while fighting off infections at the surgery site.

What are uses of PRF? There are multiple possible uses of PRF. In Dentistry, PRF is used to:

  • Regenerate bone and gum after extraction
  • Accelerate the healing process
  • Reduce after surgery discomfort or pain
  • In gum grafting and regeneration surgeries
  • Improving gum tissue thickness
  • Fighting infections at surgery site.
  • Overall a better wound healing experience.

Ceramic Implants

Two types of implants exist, Titanium and Ceramic.  Seeing great results with ceramic implants, we encourage you to give ceramic implants a chance to replace your tooth and maintain your bone. They are biocompatible, esthetic and durable with success rate of 98% and work great in all areas of the mouth. They can last you a lifetime.

Some indications for ceramic implants:

  • Personal preference for metal-free implants
  • Metal allergies
  • Tooth color implants and abutment and crowns
  • More esthetic for teeth in the smile zone

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