Emergency Dental Care in Phoenix, AZ

When you’re searching for the nearest emergency dentist in your area, Dr. Tahany Whiting is here to provide the care you need when you need it! Whether your emergency stems from an impact injury or a pain-related event, our dentist at Dental Therapy has the experience, skill, and equipment needed to deliver the diagnostics and treatment needed for your dental emergency.

Benefits of Emergency Dentistry Near You

No one wants to wait for answers to their dental emergency questions. That’s why we invite you to call our office now to speak to Dr. Tahany Whiting or a member of our care team about your urgent dental care in Phoenix, AZ, before coming into our office.

This conversation will allow us to tirage your emergency so we have the equipment needed to treat your concern ready for your arrival. As a comprehensive dentist in Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Tahany Whiting can treat a wide range of dental emergencies. Still, this first conversation allows us to provide timely direction before coming into our office.

We invite you to call Dental Therapy for triage instructions before entering our office.

Want to Reduce Your Need for Emergency Dental Clinic in Phoenix, AZ?

One of the best things you can do today to reduce your risk of locating the best emergency dentist in Phoenix, AZ, is to make an appointment with Dr. Tahany Whiting for a comprehensive dental exam. During this appointment, we’ll be able to detect any minor concerns before they develop into more advanced and sometimes emergency concerns.

For example, dental exams and X-rays are often the first line of defense against otherwise unexpected tooth breakage, dental repair breakdowns, and more. When you visit our dentist near you for preventive care, you’ll know whether or not any immediate issues could manifest into larger ones. Wouldn’t it be easier to visit our dentist in Phoenix, AZ, now instead of being on vacation, a business trip, or another out-of-town event and having to search for a local emergency dentist near you?

We’re Here When You Need Us

We invite you to call Dr. Tahany Whiting at Dental Therapy today or use our convenient online booking to schedule a comprehensive exam. If you believe you are experiencing an emergency now, please call our emergency dental office for triage instructions.

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